There will be three workshop sessions during the day, with many informative options to choose from. Browse the workshop offerings below, and read about our presenters. Be sure to get your registration in by June 9 to get the workshops you want and save money with the early registration discount!

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Title Description Presenter Session
Homeschooling the Littles

When does homeschooling start? What are the best ways to prepare your preschooler or kindergartener for lifelong learning success? How do you introduce reading and math while still providing the essential play and activity that little ones need? With more parents looking at homeschooling at earlier ages, it's important to think about programs and methods especially geared toward the younger set.

Rosalyn Newhouse Adult Session 2
Jeopardy for Newbies

If you're new to homeschooling, you come to a convention looking for answers. But finding your "homeschool groove" is more like Jeopardy: it's the questions that are important. This workshop will guide you through some of the essential questions you should ask yourself and your family when you begin your homeschooling journey. Finding your own answers will start you on the road to success!

Leslie Wagner Adult Session 3
Eliminating the Constant Homeschooling Concerns

Why are we homeshooling? What are we doing? Is this the right thing to do? Honestly, only you and your family can answer those questions and they are good ones to ask yourself with some regularity. BUT, they are not good ones to worry and fret about every day or week! This workshop will help you think about why you are doing what you do and what you hope you and your kids get out of it. With that foundation, we will explore the things that make you question and worry about homeschooling more often then you need to.

Tara Atkinson Adult Session 3
Introduction to Charlotte Mason

If you’ve recently been introduced to Charlotte Mason’s ideas, or you’ve heard her name but don’t know what all the excitement’s about, this workshop will be a quick overview of Mason’s most important ideas. It will provide easy tips for getting started using Mason’s timeless and effective ideas. If you’ve already purchased this year’s books or curriculum, don’t worry. You won’t need to throw out your entire curriculum or textbooks to begin implementing Mason’s ideas.

Deborah Taylor-Hough Adult Session 3
Unschooling and the Single Parent

What does homeschooling as a single parent look like? What are the challenges and rewards? Single, unschooling mom Gwen Montoya will talk about these topics and answer questions.

Gwen Montoya Adult Session 3
Homeschool Graduate Panel Discussion

Young adults who have graduated from homeschooling will share their insights about being homeschooled from the homeschoolers’ perspective and share their life experiences since graduating. Bring your questions!

Homeschool Graduate Panel Adult Session 3
Focusing on the Future: Moving Beyond Grades and Curriculum

Preparing your child for college, career, and life takes more than choosing the right curriculum. In this workshop we will discuss how to use your child’s strengths and interests, to plan a path towards their future career. We will discuss specific ways to determine goals for resume building, college preparation and the many challenges of gaining acceptance into professional schools. Whether you have an aspiring veterinarian, engineer, or computer programmer, having a clear path to their success will help take away the daily stresses of home education.

Susan Shomali Adult Session 3
Yes! Improv!

Age 8 and up. Using improvisation techniques and theatre games, we learn to say "Yes, and..." to create something wonderful together. Everyone is welcome, even if you don't like to be on stage.

Whitney Johnson Child Session 1A
Chemistry Wizards

Age 8 and up. We'll be exploring the world of chemistry through exciting experiments and careful observation. 

Misty Stromme Child Session 1A
Magical Forest

Age 4-8. Venture into a green world of forests, filled with creatures and trees, trees, trees. Through games, stories and hands-on activities, we will engage the imagination and discover the secrets of the forest. 

Kristen McKee Child Session 1A