There will be three workshop sessions during the day, with many informative options to choose from. Browse the workshop offerings below, and read about our presenters. Be sure to get your registration in by June 9 to get the workshops you want and save money with the early registration discount!

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Title Description Presenter Session
Camp Style Activities

The afternoon children's workshops will be presented by US World Class Taekwondo. Children will be in two age groups: 4- to 8-year-olds and 9- to 13-year-olds. There will be a variety of activities including some taekwondo instruction and camp-type games. There will also be a quiet area for participants who would like a less active option. 

US World Class Taekwondo Child Session 2
Clay Creations

All ages. Using air-dry clay, create animals and other creatures of your imagination. Let's be messy and creative together.

Lise Gervais Child Session 1B
Take Flight!

Age 8 and up. Focus on flying machines! In this workship, we will learn about the history of flight and the physics of flying, all in a hands-on way as we build and experiment with various flying machines.

Jesse Hampton Child Session 1B
Rainbow Time

Age 4-8. An interdisciplinary exploration of all things rainbows. We will learn all about rainbows, and even create our own as we explore the science and lore of rainbows. It will be a colorful, fun-filled class!

Kristen McKee Child Session 1B