There will be three workshop sessions during the day, with many informative options to choose from. Browse the workshop offerings below, and read about our presenters. Be sure to get your registration in by June 9 to get the workshops you want and save money with the early registration discount!

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Titlesort descending Description Presenter Session
Avoiding Burnout

After homeschooling three children into college, Bethany can attest that burnout is real and can happen to anyone. Discover tips and tricks to keep your fires stoked and how to avoid giving up on your homeschooling journey especially when times get tough. Learn how to not lose yourself and stay successful.

Bethany Gardiner Adult Session 1
Camp Style Activities

The afternoon children's workshops will be presented by US World Class Taekwondo. Children will be in two age groups: 4- to 8-year-olds and 9- to 13-year-olds. There will be a variety of activities including some taekwondo instruction and camp-type games. There will also be a quiet area for participants who would like a less active option. 

US World Class Taekwondo Child Session 2
Chemistry Wizards

Age 8 and up. We'll be exploring the world of chemistry through exciting experiments and careful observation. 

Misty Stromme Child Session 1A
Clay Creations

All ages. Using air-dry clay, create animals and other creatures of your imagination. Let's be messy and creative together.

Lise Gervais Child Session 1B
Creating Mavericks: Beacons of Authentic Learning

The significance of creative learning and expression is finding a foothold in education dialogue thanks to folks like Sir Ken Robinson (TED talk, “Do Schools Kill Creativity,” The Element), and Daniel H. Pink (A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future).

Sue Haynes Adult Session 1
Eliminating the Constant Homeschooling Concerns

Why are we homeshooling? What are we doing? Is this the right thing to do? Honestly, only you and your family can answer those questions and they are good ones to ask yourself with some regularity. BUT, they are not good ones to worry and fret about every day or week! This workshop will help you think about why you are doing what you do and what you hope you and your kids get out of it. With that foundation, we will explore the things that make you question and worry about homeschooling more often then you need to.

Tara Atkinson Adult Session 3
Enjoying the Process of Art

Learn the fun and importance to process-based art, and how to incorporate art into your lesson plans. This is a hands-on workshop that will dive into paint exploration, recycled art, how to make affordable art supplies, and more! Scrappy boxes and take-homes are available!

Aria Leighty Adult Session 2
Focusing on the Future: Moving Beyond Grades and Curriculum

Preparing your child for college, career, and life takes more than choosing the right curriculum. In this workshop we will discuss how to use your child’s strengths and interests, to plan a path towards their future career. We will discuss specific ways to determine goals for resume building, college preparation and the many challenges of gaining acceptance into professional schools. Whether you have an aspiring veterinarian, engineer, or computer programmer, having a clear path to their success will help take away the daily stresses of home education.

Susan Shomali Adult Session 3
Helping Kids Find Their Passion

The New York Times recently ran an article titled "Our Push for ‘Passion’ and Why It Harms Kids." Its premise is that we should let kid be kids and stop forcing them to be the best of the best. Tara would argue that by homeschooling you can do both. Without the time constraints of school, you can let kids pursue their latest interests and hobbies to the full extent.

Tara Atkinson Adult Session 1
Homeschool Graduate Panel Discussion

Young adults who have graduated from homeschooling will share their insights about being homeschooled from the homeschoolers’ perspective and share their life experiences since graduating. Bring your questions!

Homeschool Graduate Panel Adult Session 3