Helping Kids Find Their Passion


The New York Times recently ran an article titled "Our Push for ‘Passion’ and Why It Harms Kids." Its premise is that we should let kid be kids and stop forcing them to be the best of the best. Tara would argue that by homeschooling you can do both. Without the time constraints of school, you can let kids pursue their latest interests and hobbies to the full extent. Giving them tons of time and space and occasionally funds to do what they want teaches them how to throw themselves at what they love, or how to develop a passion and pursue it. The problem is young children's passions don't usually fit societal norms and adult expectations. Tara's experiences with her own children's early passions frequently involved Pokemon cards, PVC pipes and pipe foam, and hundreds of rolls of duct tape, then eventually evolved as did the kids themselves. Tara believes that their early endeavors taught them how to throw themselves into what they love and explore and learn from there. These days those skills are used in high school and college classrooms and a few extracurricular activities that they love and excel at. This workshop will help you discover how to help your own kids find their passions, and support them in their learning evolution.

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