Would You Like to Help?

Planning the convention takes a lot of work! There are many ways you can help out, both in the months and weeks before, and on the day of the convention. Please read the information below about the many volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in helping with any of these tasks, you can submit a volunteer form or send an email to volunteer@ohen.org


Facility Coordinator: Liaison with Valley Catholic (or alternate venue). Secure date, handle contract, visit space for current layout and logistics, coordinate with VC person, get data on keys, entry, staff person, etc. Ensure rooms are set up for event. Coordinate setup and cleanup. Coordinate rentals. Provide signage for day of event (inside and outside). About 2-3 hours per month, 5-10 hours in June, full-time day of convention.

Workshop Coordinator: Recruit and organize presenters for workshops. Negotiate compensation if necessary. Work with presenters to get workshop descriptions for program. Determine room needs and work with Facility Coordinator to ensure needs are met. Organize materials for presenters. Greet presenters at event and ensure needs are met. About 5 hours per month, full-time at setup, 3-4 hours day of convention.

Registrar: Monitor ticket sales and produce database of attendees. Provide labels and material for event packets, coordinate packet assembly. Work with Hospitality to organize lunches. Work with Workshop Coordinator on workshop attendance and provide check-in forms. Coo rdinate with Treasurer on ticket sales and receipts. Coordinate registration staff, staff registration table along with volunteers. About 5-10 hours/week starting mid-April. Full-time day of convention.

Treasurer: Work on budget, receive registration payments, keep records of convention income and spending, write checks as needed at convention. A few hours a month, about 10 hours during June, half-time day of convention.

Hospitality: Coordinate lunches (work with Registrar) and lunch service. Organize hospitality suite for volunteers and presenters. Organize snacks for setup crew. Organize concessions. Secure accommodations for out-of-town presenters if necessary. About 3-5 hours a month starting in April, 10 hours in June, half-time day of convention.

Promotion: Get event publicized in statewide, local, and social media repeatedly leading up to event.  About 5 hours a month starting in April, 10 hours or more in June.

Volunteer Coordinator: Recruit and organize volunteers for day of event: greeters, hospitality helpers, workshop assistants, setup crew, cleanup crew, etc. About 3-5 hours a month, 10 hours in June, full-time day of convention.

Vendor Coordinator: Send out save-the-date and repeated invitations to vendors. Monitor registrations and answer vendor questions. Organize Vendor Fair. Coordinate setup and cleanup. Greet vendors and provide service. Work with Facility Coordinator regarding electric etc. Coordinate ad sales for program catalog. About 5-10 hours a month starting in January, about 5-10 hours a week in June, full-time at setup, full-time day of convention.

Visitor Bag Coordinator: Work with Vendor Coordinator. Acquire visitor bags, collect materials (will be shipped to house), organize bag stuffing event (usually done along with packet assembly). A few hours a month starting in January. About 10 hours in June.

Program Coordinator: Produces program catalog with input from Workshop Coordinator and Vendor Coordinator. About 20 hours in June.

Convention Webmaster: Builds and maintains convention website. (Contains promotion, venue information, directions, ticket sales, vendor registration, presenter applications, maps, vendor listings, curriculum fair data, presentation listings, etc.) About 5-10 hours a month. About 20-30 hours in June.

Convention Day Volunteers: Greeters - help attendees find their way around the convention. Workshop Helpers - assist in distributing materials for workshops, keep track of time, and otherwise help presenters. Hospitality Helpers - assist with lunch and concession stand.