Adult Session 1

Motivating Your Homeschooler

Where’s that postcard picture of learning with a smile on everyone’s face at the kitchen table? We’ll take an academic look at the latest research in motivation to understand how to bring a smile to even the most reluctant learner’s face. We'll also explore tips for structuring learning goals in a way that will enhance your child’s intrinsic motivation to learn. Learning is a natural drive; it’s our job, as our child’s teacher, to keep that love of learning alive.


Creating Mavericks: Beacons of Authentic Learning

The significance of creative learning and expression is finding a foothold in education dialogue thanks to folks like Sir Ken Robinson (TED talk, “Do Schools Kill Creativity,” The Element), and Daniel H. Pink (A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future).

Avoiding Burnout

After homeschooling three children into college, Bethany can attest that burnout is real and can happen to anyone. Discover tips and tricks to keep your fires stoked and how to avoid giving up on your homeschooling journey especially when times get tough. Learn how to not lose yourself and stay successful.

Homeschooling In Oregon: How to Get Started

Are you considering homeschooling or just getting started? Or a veteran homeschooler with questions about the current statutes and opportunities? Learn about legal requirements, homeschooling methods, pros and cons, resources, and much more. This is a great opportunity to get answers to your questions. OHEN presents this informational workshop at libraries and community centers around Oregon, and it has been one of our most popular services.

Helping Kids Find Their Passion

The New York Times recently ran an article titled "Our Push for ‘Passion’ and Why It Harms Kids." Its premise is that we should let kid be kids and stop forcing them to be the best of the best. Tara would argue that by homeschooling you can do both. Without the time constraints of school, you can let kids pursue their latest interests and hobbies to the full extent.

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