Keynote Speaker

This year's keynote address will be:

Homeschooling the Partnership Way

One of the greatest joys of homeschooling is that it frees us parents to partner with our children on their educational journeys. We don't have to be taskmasters on behalf of the schools and demand our kids learn in ways that don't work for them. Why force round-peg kids into square-peg holes when you have the freedom to help them forge their own unique and optimal paths? Partnership replaces drudgery with creativity, strife with adventure. Best of all, partnership in homeschooling goes hand in hand with partnership in parenting: not only does it make kids smarter, it also makes families happier.

Keynote speaker, Scott Noelle, is an author and life coach dedicated to supporting parents who have rejected control-based parenting methods and embraced an approach he calls PATH Parenting, based on Partnership, Authenticity, Trust, and Heart. A father of two self-educated teenagers, Scott also advocates for and writes about self-directed education. He shares practical parenting wisdom through his book and blog, The Daily Groove, online at